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When you think of concrete flooring, you may imagine large industrialized areas, such as car parks and pavements. It’s not exactly the material the comes to mind when you’re renovating your house. However, concrete flooring has recently shrugged off its dull reputation and it’s making a move for the contemporary décor label! Concrete flooring is becoming an increasingly popular flooring option because it’s simple, durable and timeless.

To put it simply, concrete flooring is the next big thing! Throughout this article, we’re going to be looking at 5 of the main reasons why we’re experiencing a concrete flooring renaissance.

1. It’s Reinvented Itself!

Out with the old, in with the new! Concrete flooring has come a long way since dominating factory work floors and industrialized areas. Many homeowners are now choosing to lay it in their homes. Of course, the type of concrete flooring is key here. No one in their right mind would want industrialized concrete lining their homes! The concrete we’re specifically talking about is polished concrete.

Aside from being found in flats and houses, polished concrete is commonly found in art galleries. It’s a fantastic flooring option to emphasize the light in a room. If you’re looking to add some elegance and brighten up your home, polished concrete may just be the choice for you!

2. It’s Adaptable

Concrete doesn’t need to be confined to the kitchen. Due to its inoffensive, elegant design, it seamlessly glides through one room to another. Don’t be scared to extend it into the hallway and living room! Concrete flooring frequently adopts light grey and matte finishes, meaning that it’s a neutral element within your interior design.

It’s also very appropriate for bathrooms and wet rooms due to its durability. Water will have a tough time penetrating concrete flooring. Additionally, it won’t stain or wear like other materials, such as carpet and wood.

3. It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!

Concrete flooring comes with a stigma of being expensive. The labor and the creation process itself leads many to believe the cost is far greater than other flooring options. While for the most part, it is more expensive than carpeted flooring, it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune! Polished concrete flooring can start at around $5-$8 per square foot!

There are also other factors that influence your final cost, such as if the concrete flooring option you’ve chosen is laid by hand or by machine. Composite metal decking for example, is laid by hand and consists of sliding slabs into place, making it a far easier job than pouring and laying more traditional concrete flooring options. Again, the choice is up to you! Be sure to do your research before selecting a concrete floor, as you may be able to save yourself even more money!

4. You Can Color Your Concrete

Although most designs are different shades of grey, companies are now encouraging customers to consider adding a dash of color to their flooring! Yes, it does cost slightly extra, but the results are exceptional. Colored concrete comes in a variety of shades, but the most popular are beige and magnolia. These are particularly popular in gardens and conservatories because they help accentuate lighting.

5. It’s Incredibly Durable

This is one of the main reasons people opt for concrete flooring in their homes! Aside from its ever-improving aesthetics, concrete flooring is perfect for those with pets, children and those who are concerned about their floor being marked and scratched easily.

Spilling food and drink on the floor is inevitable. Accidents happen and no one enjoys clearing stains from a carpet. Concrete flooring is particularly popular in kitchen remodeling because it is impervious to stains and incredibly easy to clean. Better still, even if you’re a little clumsy in the kitchen, you’ll find it very difficult to damage!


There we have it! These are 5 reasons you may want to consider opting for concrete flooring in your home. Of course, it’s important to remember that concrete flooring can be tricky to apply, and it’s strongly suggested that you work with a professional. Small inconsistencies can lead to expensive repairs, but correct installation ensures your flooring last a lifetime!