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Small Kitchen Appliances: Recommendations and Tips

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place to gather, discuss important events and cook a nutritious meal. Of course, not all kitchens are the same shape and size. When you’re living with limited square footage, it can be a challenge to select small kitchen appliances. Fortunately, space-conscious living is becoming more popular. Many manufacturers are now producing appliances with space limitations in mind. As a result, there are more small kitchen appliances on the market than ever before!

Whether you occupy a small kitchen by choice or economic necessity, you know that you can’t take a single inch for granted. If you’re running low on space, you may find it difficult to make room for many common appliances. Each appliance means there is less counter space or less space for storage. Before we get started, here are our top tips for appliance selection:

Make no assumptions

Although refrigerators and microwaves have become standard in most kitchens, when you’re moving into a new space, you may need to make some tough calls. Depending on your cooking habits, you may find that you can live without some “basic” appliances. For example, if you’re constantly eating out and bringing home leftovers, you may need a refrigerator but not a stove.

Analyze your habits

Before making purchase decisions, try to spend a week evaluating the way you use your kitchen. If you frequently find yourself using a vegetable steamer, you might consider replacing it with a microwave. A microwave can accomplish everything a steamer can do, and more! When you shake off your preconceptions about appliances, you’re left with a more accurate impression of your needs.

Forgo specialty items

Specialty appliances are rarely a good investment for small kitchens. With limited space, you’ll want to look for small kitchen appliances that can multitask. (That means you may want to forgo that grilled cheese toaster, portable frother, or breakfast sandwich maker.) Although novelty appliances may be useful at times, they generally sit around gathering dust. Look for appliances that will provide a great return on investment!

With these tips in mind, we’ve created the following list of small kitchen appliances that you can’t live without:

Powerful Pressure Cooker

A programmable pressure cooker is a fantastic investment for small spaces. Many can take the place of other appliances, such as steamers and rice cookers. These are great tools for working professionals who would prefer to come home to dinner on the table. Programmable pressure cookers can also be purchased for a reasonable price. (If you’re looking for a specific brand, we recommend the Instant Pot Duo due to its unrivaled versatility.)

Induction Double Burner

Can’t spare the space for a traditional stove? An induction double burner is a great replacement. They are a huge advantage in small kitchens where you may not want to commit to a drop-in stovetop. Furthermore, these devices are easy to clean, more efficient than traditional stoves, and can be taken with you while traveling. Induction burners are commonly sold in single burner or double burner options. We like the double burner because it provides more flexibility, but single burners save even more space and are more economical.

Convenient Mini Fridge

For many people, the word “mini fridge” conjures images of college dorms and hotel rooms. Before you dismiss the idea, consider how much space you really need. Do you buy perishable items in bulk? Are you cooking for a family? If not, you may find that a mini fridge is a perfect, space-conscious option for your kitchen. In addition to limiting unnecessary space usage, the fridge can also reduce your utility costs as it requires less energy to maintain.

All-In-One Breakfast Maker

Think you can’t have both toast and coffee in the same appliance? Think again! This multi-tool from has everything you need to put together a delicious breakfast.  It functions as a toaster oven, a nonstick griddle, and a coffee maker. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s a certified triple threat. As a bonus, the beautiful aqua color can act as a statement piece for your kitchen design.

Bullet Blender

Whether you’re using a blender for smoothies or mixing ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a bullet blender. Traditional blenders can be bulky and difficult to clean. Bullet blenders allow you to make single serving smoothies and quickly take them on the go without the hassle of transferring the blended drink into a travel mug. Additionally, their small size allows for easy storage, and the blender components can be washed, even in compact dishwashers.


When it comes to the kitchen, no other appliance can match the simplicity, efficiency, and function of a high-quality microwave. From frozen meals to steaming vegetables, a microwave can replace many other small kitchen appliances. However, it’s important to note that microwaves aren’t right for everyone. If you’ve previously lived in a home with a microwave and found yourself using the stove most of the time, you may be able to pass on this appliance completely.

Compact Dishwasher

If you hate washing dishes by hand but don’t have the space for a full-size dishwasher, consider a compact model. Depending on your needs, you may be able to find a model that takes up no more space than a single cabinet. Compact dishwashers are a great option for homes of one to two people.

Food Processor

Although you may be able to approximate the work of a food processor with a little bit of elbow grease, there’s really no better option when you’re cooking for a crowd. Food processors can dice, grind, shred, and puree solid foods in seconds. This is a great investment if you bake frequently or blend your own spices.

Grill Pot

If you’re on the fence about a pressure cooker and daunted by grilling on a double burner, a grill pot might be for you! Although they have become less common due to the popularity of pressure cookers, the grill pot remains one of the best tools for safe, indoor, flameless grilling. Although it is technically possible to do some grilling with a pressure cooker, you’ll likely be able to get a better flavor and even cook with a grill pot.

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are an extremely underrated kitchen appliance. While many people are aware of their ability to store large amounts of raw meat, fewer know that vacuum sealing can also be used to preserve produce. In a small kitchen, you may not be buying in bulk frequently, but sealing products can still help you cut down on trips to the grocery. This handy tool is easy to use and simple to store.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of small kitchen appliances! Ultimately, your appliance selection should be based on your cooking habits and the large appliances you may have.