There are many ways in which adding space to your home can make your life easier. From master bathrooms or home offices and extra bedrooms, adding additional square footage to your home goes a long way in improving your home’s functionality. If you’re considering expanding your home to add on that dream guest suite, join us for a look at some of our favorite modern home additions!

Building out

If you are contemplating a new addition, wait a beat before you break out the bulldozer! First, you’ll want to verify that you can do so without breaking any building codes! As with any renovation, you must submit your plans to the proper authorities before building. You should also carefully consider how much space is available on your property. Think about how the addition will affect your landscaping and the functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Bumping Out

If you want to expand an existing room, like a bathroom or kitchen, you can bump out the room slightly. However, before starting the project, you should consult a professional to ensure that the structure of your home is sound enough for the planned extension. Expanding an existing room is a lower-cost option than an addition and is a great option if your budget is tight. When done properly by a licensed contractor, this is a secure method of adding value to your home. Even a few feet can add considerable functionality, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Building Up

Another option is to build up! Adding a nook above your garage or putting a new room above a single-story sunroom, is a great way to incorporate more square footage into your home. One of the major benefits of building up is that you won’t need to sacrifice any of your outdoor space. However, it is important to consider how the addition will affect the natural lighting in surrounding areas. Before planning your addition, be sure to check with local authorities and consider any limits your area may impose on how high your property can grow.