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The Barron Family Garage Conversion

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Garage Conversion?

The mission of Bright Builders is to connect homeowners with contractors who can help them bring their home renovation projects to life on time and within budget. In this case study, we’re sharing the story of a recent garage conversion in Baldwin Park to show an example of the great collaboration that can happen when the right partnerships are forged.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

Todd and Stacey Barron, fitness enthusiasts who regularly compete in triathlons, contacted us for assistance converting their Baldwin Park garage. Although they were members of a gym they really loved, the Barrons wanted a place where they could work out if their gym was closed or they were in a rush and didn’t have time to commute to it. Since they didn’t have a basement at their home, they settled on their garage as an ideal home gym as long as it could be outfitted to allow challenging workouts and be comfortable year-round.

  • Space

    2 car garage

  • Clients

    Young, active couple

  • Goal

    Challenging exercise, year-round

The Consultation Process

When Todd and Stacey contacted us, we immediately got to work on matching them with three local contractors. We helped them schedule their appointments that same week with licensed and pre-screened contractors that had the experience they were looking for. Already knowledgeable about gyms and fitness, the Barrons had a lot of ideas. According to the contractor they ended up hiring, they came to their initial meetings prepared with lots of reference images, which was incredibly helpful to everyone getting on the same page.

Ultimately, the Barrons wanted a sleek, well-lit, and comfortable home gym with a lot of amenities. Their existing garage, while stable, wasn’t insulated or finished enough to be a suitable home gym. Once their contractor understood their vision, he was able to make a plan that included upgrading their existing garage with better flooring, insulation, and climate control. Additionally, because of his expertise, he was able to make recommendations for how to best use the space, including some ideas that Todd and Stacey had not considered.

Once the contracts were signed, the real work could begin!

Garage Conversion Results

The first step was to level and paint the garage floor. The existing concrete floor had been damaged by the previous homeowners, and since the Barrons barely used the garage outside of parking their cars, the damage wasn’t big enough for them to worry about repairing. However, because they wanted to convert the space into a stylish home gym, a properly repaired and leveled floor was essential. Their contractor helped them swap out the drab, uncomfortable concrete with high-quality attractive bamboo flooring over it, transforming the garage from a cold, unwelcoming utility space to an inviting space that matched the aesthetics of their home.

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After finalizing the flooring, the contractor replaced one wall with windows that opened out to the backyard while closing off the previous garage door entrance for added privacy. To address the issues of climate control, the contractor also opened the existing drywall and added premium insulation as well as additional power outlets. Hooks were added to the wall in order to hang fitness equipment like dumbells. The homeowners also moved a large red clock from their living room to the gym to act as a statement piece. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors were put on one wall, and tracked, dimmable LED lighting was installed. Finally, a flat-screen television and stereo speakers were mounted on the walls so that the Barrons could watch an instructional video or just enjoy television or music while they exercised.

Ready to get started?

At Bright Builders, trust is the foundation of every remodeling project.  It only takes a few minutes to start connecting with trustworthy, local garage conversion contractors.

After the work was completed, we followed up with the Barrons to check their satisfaction. They were extremely pleased with how their old garage had been transformed into a comfortable, spacious area for home workouts, and thrilled with the new flexibility that having a gym on their property would provide them.

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Ready to get started?

At Bright Builders, trust is the foundation of every remodeling project.  It only takes a few minutes to start connecting with trustworthy, local garage conversion contractors.