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The Lewis Family Kitchen Remodel

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

At Bright Builders, we strive to form the perfect partnerships between contractors and homeowners! That’s because we believe that great work happens when contractors and their clients are perfectly in sync. To show you what you can achieve, we’re sharing the story of a recent Beverly Hills kitchen remodel! In this case study, you’ll meet the homeowners and learn more about their experience.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

Mark and Elspeth, both medical professionals, have one infant daughter and live in sunny, Beverly Hills, California. Upon emigrating to the United States from New Zealand, the couple purchased a lovely, two bedroom home. A few years later they welcomed their first child. After the arrival of their daughter, the  couple found their kitchen wasn’t functioning well for their growing family. Elspeth said it had become “too cramped, lacked proper storage, and felt crowded.” The couple agreed it was time for a kitchen remodel. They wanted the overall result to be modern, have adequate storage, and provide an inviting space for enjoying family meals and for entertaining.

  • Space

    120 square foot kitchen

  • Clients

    Couple and one infant daughter

  • Goal

    Modern, entertaining space with storage

The Consultation Process

 Mark and Elspeth began researching kitchen remodel options and quickly learned that finding time for a home renovation while caring for an infant; juggling two full-time jobs, would be tricky. They then decided they needed help if they wanted to get the work completed. The new-parents enlisted help from Bright Builders; by initially contacting us by using the online renovation request form.

The next day, the Bright Builders scheduling manager connected with the couple and learned about Mark and Elspeth’s design needs. Mark and Elspeth soon met with two potential contractors to hire for their kitchen remodel. 

The homeowners reported that they were impressed with our prescreened contractors and felt we'd matched them with great contractors based on their requests. They preferred one of the contractors because of his candid attitude and ability to start immediately. They were happy they found a contractor that could accommodate their unique schedule and who understood their vision.

Once the task of finding the right people was completed, Mark and Elspeth’s kitchen remodel quickly began.

Kitchen Remodeling Results

Before the kitchen remodel, Mark and Elspeth’s kitchen was cozy, with painted-wood cabinets and had a country chic feel. After the remodel, the space was vastly changed in appearance. It now has a clean, smooth, feel to it.

The overall layout was improved with a clever refrigerator relocation; a move that created more counter space near the stove. It also allowed the couple to purchase a larger fridge. The previous island unit had open-shelving for storage; the homeowners learned that was not ideal with a crawling infant in the house. 


Their new kitchen island was equipped with drawers and cupboards to conceal the storage space. Atop the base of the island, the couple chose natural looking countertop made of incredibly durable material. Dark island cabinetry and new stainless steel appliances completed the menagerie of textures the couple had chosen. 

The wall-mounted cabinet doors chosen by Mark and Elspeth reflected their fondness for eclectic touches and natural textures. The couple opted for beautiful, pale green wood finishes that complemented their custom above range-hood. Lastly, the Lewis family worked with their contractor to select beautiful hanging lights. These light fixtures act as a statement piece, bringing the whole room together and drawing the eye upwards. 

Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

We followed up with Mark and Elspeth after their kitchen remodel was finished. The couple expressed they were delighted with their new kitchen and pleased with the remodel experience they had with Bright Builders. Mark said about his experience, “The most challenging part of our kitchen remodel was finding the right contractor to work with. We were grateful to have Bright Builders patience and skill to handle the contractor screening process for us.”

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!