6 Stunning Hardscaping & Landscaping Ideas

Thinking about upgrading your landscaping? These amazing before and after shots are the perfect inspiration to help you develop your own landscaping design ideas!

BEFORE: Buggy Backyard

Buying a cottage on Cape Cod was this homeowner’s dream, but the weedy, wooded, spider- and mosquito-filled lot quickly became a nightmare.

AFTER: Dream Realized

The landscapers pushed back the wilderness and cleared the weeds and fallen rotting trees. They then extended the deck to create designated dining and food prep areas. Insect-repellant flowers and herbs, like lavender and marigolds, keep pests at bay while a slate pathway and patio lead off to a small pond and a shady hanging daybed.

BEFORE: Safety Hazard

A too-small deck that’s neglected and literally falling apart on an overgrown lot filled with leftover building materials make this unusable backyard dangerous and unappealing.

AFTER: Picture Perfect

A sprawling two-level cedar deck and brick patio anchored by an outdoor fireplace and pergola provide ample space for alfresco dining and relaxing with friends and family. To soften the hardscape, the landscapers pushed back the wooded area to make room for a sinuous bed filled with perennials for year-round appeal and blooming annuals of color.

BEFORE: Weedy Hillside

With both a preteen daughter and a toddler, the homeowners needed an area where they could relax while watching their kids play.

AFTER: Outdoor Playroom

The landscapers turned the previously unused corner into a family-friendly hangout where mom and dad can kick back in the hammock while the kids play hopscotch or draw on the chalkboard.

BEFORE: Overgrown and Unused

These young homeowners love the outdoors and have a huge backyard but are at a loss as to how to take care of it. Woodpiles have attracted snakes, and the small vegetable garden they attempted was eaten up by rabbits.

AFTER: Beachy-Keen Backyard

The landscapers cleared the property to create designated zones for dining, gardening, gathering around a sandy fire pit, and even an enclosed outdoor shower. To provide shade, a vintage ship’s sail covers the door to the home while a purple leaf plum tree, chosen for its vibrant leaves and short stature, is planted within the deck. Beachy Elijah blue fescue and other ornamental grasses combine with sun-loving celosia, butterfly bushes, and sunflowers to fill the yard with color.

BEFORE: Cramped and Too Sunny

With a tiny patio and no trees or structures to provide shade, this backyard is too sunny. On a hillside in San Diego, California, it is both too small and too hot for the homeowners. They can’t use it as they’d like for entertaining friends and family.

AFTER: Shady and Spacious

The landscapers replaced the tiny concrete pad with a massive paver patio shaded by a sailcloth-covered pergola. Artificial turf, instead of grass, and beds filled with sun-loving succulents ensure the landscaping is low maintenance. They also added a stuccoed island bar with a built-in barbeque grill for entertaining large groups.

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