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Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

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Reccomendations for Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

Local Design Trends

Did you know that cities can develop their own architectural and design trends? Whether you want to stand out or fit in, the design choices made during your remodel may impact your property valuation. By tracking these trends, we enable our clients to make educated choices during their own renovations.

So, what's the latest trend for flooring installation in Los Angeles? In a city filled with environmentally conscious homeowners, it should come as no surprise that the answer is natural or recycled materials! Some of our local favorites are bamboo, cork and reclaimed wood. These materials are both durable and sustainable. The other major trend is wood-patterned tiles. These tiles are virtually indistinguishable from actual wood, they come in a variety of colors, and they're safe to use in your bathroom remodel!

We believe that it’s important to provide our users with locally relevant information and recommendations. As you plan your flooring installation, take a moment to browse our informational resources. By reviewing these materials, you’ll get tips straight from construction industry insiders as well as local vendors and supplier.

The Bright Builders Quick Start Guide

Tips for Flooring Installation

Floors are a vital part of the design and functionality of your home. From classic hardwood to funky tile, to trendy concrete, choosing a flooring surface should be a blend of your personal taste and budget. We know that planning a flooring installation in Los Angeles is a big undertaking, and we take it as seriously as you do. To help you get started with confidence, we’ve answered some of the most common flooring installation questions.

When you’re planning a home improvement project like flooring installation, there are dozens of variables to consider! Your primary cost consideration will be the square footage of your space, as well as the complexity of the project. Certain structural features of your home might require custom work to accommodate, such as staircases, built-in storage, and cabinetry. You’ll also notice that price can vary based on geography. For example, flooring installation in Los Angeles might cost less than flooring installation in Beverly Hills. Lastly, you’ll also need to consider the cost of the flooring material. Regardless of labor expenses, different flooring materials will have different price points.

When budgeting, we suggest looking at the average cost of flooring installation in Los Angeles. Remodeling projects are highly individualized, which means you’ll need to gather quotes for your specific project. In order to obtain an accurate estimate, your licensed contractor will evaluate your existing space as well as your renovation plans.

The average price for flooring installation in Los Angeles is typically between $2,500 and $16,000. Arguably, the biggest variable is the price of the flooring material selected. While laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive, the cost of raw material for hardwood floors can easily range between $4,000 and $5,000.

During the budgeting process, remember to account for the complexity of the work involved. Installing flooring in a room with stairs, sharp corners or a kitchen island might require trim and molding for best results, which presents an additional expense. Unexpected expenses are common during construction, so we recommend that you set aside at least 20% of your total budget to handle incidentals.

At Bright Builders, we’ve spent years in the construction industry. Now, we leverage our expertise and professional connections to ensure that the homeowners we work with have access to the best prices. Better still, we’ll match you with three individual, pre-screened contractors who will provide quotes for your renovation project.

The best type of flooring depends on your lifestyle! Every family is different, so you’ll want to evaluate different materials and choose the one best suited to your needs. For example, if your focus is durability, ceramic tile could be a great choice for you. If you have young children, or if your primary concern is comfort, nothing beats the feeling of soft, cozy carpeting! Feel free to browse our website for additional flooring installation resources.

In short, different flooring materials serve different purposes. We recommend doing plenty of research before committing to one material. As you prepare to meet with a contractor, consider how much time you’re willing to spend caring for your flooring. Your contractor will be able to suggest flooring materials that are well-suited to your desired level of maintenance.


The timeline for flooring installation in Los Angeles is influenced by the size of the area being renovated, the type of materials being installed, the availability of those materials, the complexity of the job, and other unpredictable factors such as weather conditions during the time of installation. Some materials, such as carpeting, can be installed in as little as 2-3 days. Whereas, higher quality woods might take a few weeks. Prefinished hardwood takes time to arrive at your home, but less time to install. Unfinished hardwood will arrive quickly but will take longer to install due to the drying time.

We suggest beginning the planning process a few months in advance of your ideal construction date. This gives you time to finalize your project budget and offers more flexibility to help you schedule with your preferred contractor. At Bright Builders, our prescreened contractors will provide you with a detailed project timeline before you commit to an individual service provider.


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The Building Blocks of Flooring Installation in Los Angeles

Selecting your flooring requires balancing functional concerns with style preferences. As you develop your vision, start by deciding which materials you're interested in. This will help you create an accurate cost breakdown for installation and labor. We've included some basic categories below!



Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and typically has multiple layers: a layer for general wear, a protective layer, a print layer, a cushion layer, and the physical backing.  Due to the flexibility of the material, vinyl material is a popular choice for flooring installation in Los Angeles. Multiple layers guard against wear and tear from general foot traffic, pets and young children. At the same time, vinyl also offers many style options, such as geometric patterns.



Both natural hardwood and engineered hardwood will add a touch of elegance to your home. Hardwood is a relatively low-maintenance option because it is easy to clean. It can also be a great choice for adults who suffer from allergies because the sealed surfaces don’t capture allergens like dust and debris. Before committing to hardwood, take the time to finalize your budget for flooring installation, as certain types of wood can be pricey.



Carpeting comes in many colors and styles, making it a great fit for many designs! It is generally cheaper than other materials, making it possible to cover larger areas, and it comes with many advantages that can improve your quality of life. Carpeting is very soft for pets and young children who may spend a lot of time crawling. It’s also stain resistant and a great sound blocker!



Stone floors make use of different types of natural rock carved out of a quarry, such as limestone, granite, marble, and slate. Stone typically improves with age and offers a timeless appeal. Unfortunately, that durability often comes at a high price. Not only is stone an expensive choice for your flooring installation in Los Angeles, but it can also be very difficult to install and clean.

Our Success Stories

"Our house had gorgeous hardwood floors, but they got badly damaged when our entertainment center collapsed. The system was mounted to the wall, and when the mount failed, we were left with dents in the floor! Bright Builders helped us find flooring contractors in Los Angeles who installed new flooring quickly, and the results look great."

“My wife and I had a prior bad experience with flooring installation in Los Angeles, so when we needed new tile in the kitchen, we knew that we wanted to find a contractor that would get the job done right. We worked with Bright Builders and had five consultations with screened contractors. The contractor we picked (James) did great work!”

"After about an hour of searching Google for contractors who do flooring installation in Los Angeles, I was ready to give up on the entire project. My job requires me to travel frequently, and I just didn’t have time to meet with unprofessional contractors. Bright Builders set up  evaluations with contractors who were experienced and prepared!"

"You don’t have to go into your remodel alone. At Bright Builders, our mission is to transform the renovation process by creating a supportive and collaborative platform for homeowners and service professionals. We believe that a shared understanding of each project leads to better relationships and exceptional results!"

- The Bright Builders Team

What is Bright Builders?

The truth is, homeowners are often at a disadvantage when it comes to planning and executing a remodeling project. From inaccurate quotes to flaky contractors, there are dozens of variables that must be managed. As construction industry insiders, we provide the knowledge and expertise you need to help you define your project goals and connect with the reliable, pre-screened contractors.

Bright Builders was founded with the goal of providing support, advice, and reliable information to homeowners throughout the remodeling process.  Through our platform, you’ll have access to informational material and personalized recommendations in your local area. 

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