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Garage Conversions

If you’d like to add an extra room but lack the lot space for full room addition, a garage conversion may be a great alternative for you. Garage conversions generally increase your overall property value and offer the possibility for additional rental income. We make your dreams a reality with a converted garage that is both functional and beautiful. Remodeling your garage is a big undertaking, and we take it just as seriously as you do. At Bright Builders, we leverage our years of experience and established business relationships to help you avoid the frustrations of dealing with a less seasoned contractor. From the moment you begin your garage conversion with Bright Builders, you’ll feel confident in the team you’ve chosen.

Additional Bedroom

Every family is unique, so your garage conversion will be unique too! Here are some of the most common conversions:
A converted garage makes a great bedroom space for relatives, out of town guests, or a growing family. Most garages can easily support a single bedroom without encroaching on other areas of your home. With a few changes like insulation and window fixtures, you’ll have a brand-new bedroom!

Rental Suite

If your garage is expansive, consider adding an entire rental suite! When you add a rental suite, complete with kitchen and bathroom, you’ll create a space that could be used by guests or renters. A well-designed rental suite will catch the eye of many apartment seekers and can quickly generate income, helping to pay for, and eventually exceed, the cost of renovation.

Home Office

If you work from home, you may desire a peaceful and private home office. With a little renovation, your garage could become a perfect home office, tucked away from the louder areas of your home. Consider installing soundproofing material during the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Conversions

With any remodel, your final cost is determined by several factors such as the materials you select and the specific details of your renovation. Those factors include the size of the garage you’ll be converting, whether you’ll be replacing the flooring, and if you’ll need to install new plumbing. Generally, a garage conversion costs between $20,000 to $50,000. Of course, it’s important to remember that there will be projects that fall on either side of that range. There’s no set price for a garage conversion because every project is unique!

The short answer is yes! The longer answer is also yes, provided you obtain the correct permits and follow all building ordinances. Permits are required for most kinds of construction. In Los Angeles, homes are required by ordinances to have a certain number of covered off-street parking spaces. The converted garage must also be well within the property line. Experienced contractors will help you navigate the tricky world of construction permits. If you’d like to read more about obtaining a permit yourself, visit our blog article, ultimate guide to home improvement permits!

A better question is, what can’t you do? You’re only limited by your imagination! Many homeowners turn their converted garage into a guest suite, an office, or a playroom. If you find that you need more room for your kids, consider an extra bedroom. If you’re tired of cramped movie nights on the couch, you might be interested in a home theater.  If you’re still looking for inspiration, visit our blog for more of our favorite garage conversion ideas!

Garage Conversion Ideas & Designs

Feeling overwhelmed while you’re planning your remodel? Check out some of our recent blog articles for tips and tricks for a successful experience! As a trusted general contractor in Los Angeles, we’re happy to provide you with advice in addition to a free quote!

The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement Permits

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Remodeling your home can be a daunting task, both financially and with regards to time commitment. However, one aspect of home improvement that many people do not initially consider is the required city permits.


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