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Roof Installation

Your roof is the first line of defense between your home and the environment. It keeps you warm in the winter and cools in the summer.  Roof renovation not only has an aesthetic appeal but also supports your home’s energy efficiency and will save you money in the long run! A simple addition to seamless gutters could prevent problems like leaks and cracks. As general contractors, we are qualified to address structural issues, HVAC installation, plumbing, and any other considerations.

If you’re looking for a roofing style change to match an interior remodel, our designers will partner with you to bring your vision to life! We know remodeling your roof is a big undertaking, and we take it just as seriously as you do. At Bright Builders, we leverage our years of experience and our established business relationships to help you avoid the frustrations of dealing with a less seasoned contractor. From the moment you begin your roofing remodel with Bright Builders, you’ll feel confident in the team you’ve chosen.

Gable Roof

Every home is unique, so your roof should be unique too! Not sure what kind of designs are available? Check out some of these design options:
A gable roof is a technical term for a pitched or peaked roof. Gable roofs are easy to spot from their triangular shape, and they’re extremely popular in the US. This design allows room for internal features like a functional attic or vaulted ceilings. Whether you’re looking for a side gable, a crossed gable, or a Dutch gable, we’ve got you covered!

Hip Roof

Think a hip roof might be right for you? A hip roof has slopes on all four sides that are equal in length to form a stable flat top. This design is more stable than a gable roof because of the inward slope of the four sides. It can even offer extra living space inside your home, providing space for a crow’s nest or a dormer.

Mansard Roof

Most people know the mansard roof by the colloquial name: French roof. A mansard is four-sided with a double slope on each side that forms a low-pitched roof. This design creates lots of extra living space for a growing family, allowing you to potentially turn an attic into a guest room. The mansard roof is a particularly good choice if you’re thinking of a home addition because they are very flexible, especially for multi-level homes. Looking for more information about roofing services? Check out our blog article to learn more about what goes into roof replacement, then contact us when you’re ready to start your roof renovation!

Frequently Asked Questions about Roof Replacement

The cost of a new roof is dependent on factors such as roof size, style, and the roofing material. For example, it would cost more to install a metal roof than a roof with traditional asphalt shingles. The average cost of a roof replacement is between $5,115 to $9,762. While this average is a good starting point, it’s important to remember that projects fall on either side of this range. A very simple roof installation may cost as little as $1,200, whereas a more elaborate installation could cost upwards of $30,000. It’s important to discuss materials and construction timeline with your contractors to obtain an accurate estimate.

The cost of installing a metal roof depends on the type of metal you choose, as well as the size and architecture of your roof. For example, a complex roof with dormers, sidewalls, and a chimney costs more than a simple design. In general, the cost of installing a metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials because the source material is more expensive, and because it requires specialized skills and equipment. A single square foot of sheet metal can cost as much as $12, without accounting for installation costs, and installing a metal roof can take two or three times longer than installing shingles on your roof.  On average, installing a metal roof costs between $14,000 to $17,000.

If your current roof is showing signs of curled, cracked, or raised shingles, it’s a good idea to replace your roof. Poor roofing can impact your home’s ventilation and lead to leaks and other weather-related home damage. Another sign it could be time for a roof replacement is if your roof is over 20 years old. After 20 years, your roof will start to look old and worn and the materials will begin to deteriorate. To learn more about roof replacement, check out our comprehensive guide on our blog.

The lifespan of a roof depends on when it was built, how it was constructed, and what materials were used. Even the most expert installation will not make up for low-quality materials. An average roof will last about 20 years before it begins to show signs of age, like curling shingles, moss growth or roof valleys. If you have access to your attic, we suggest checking for signs of light through the roof boards. If you can see light through your roof boards, call us and we can help to evaluate the severity of the situation.

The best roofing material depends on your style, budget, and individual needs. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. For example, rubber slate roofing, or “faux” slate roofing, offers a durable, budget-friendly alternative to real slate, but the quality can vary between manufacturers. An experience contractor can help you ensure that you’ve selected a reliable brand. In order to choose the best roofing material, we suggest learning more about all of your options on our blog article, choosing the best roofing option for you!

Roof replacement is labor intensive work, and the speed at which it can be replaced depends on the size of the roof, and the skill of the contractor you’re working with. Having said that, replacing a roof usually happens relatively quickly in comparison to other renovation projects. When you’re working with experienced professionals armed with the right tools for the job, a roof replacement can happen in as little as one to two days.

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