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The Martin Sisters' Kitchen Remodel

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

At Bright Builders, we strive to form the perfect partnerships between contractors and homeowners! That’s because we believe that great work happens when contractors and their clients are perfectly in sync. To show you what you can achieve, we’re sharing the story of a recent Glendale kitchen remodel! In this case study, you’ll meet the homeowners and learn more about their experience.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

Twin sisters, Hannah and Eva, purchased their first home as both an investment and to live together in. The sisters recently graduated from college and are pursuing their chosen careers. The decision to buy their first home together was easy, they had been planning to live together after college since childhood.

With help from Mom & Dad, Hannah and Eva found a two-bedroom condo that is a short 20-minute drive from their parents’ home. The building was secure and safe, as per their parent’s requirements but, had a sad, tired feel on the inside. Hannah and Eva wanted the kitchen to reflect their energetic, upbeat, personalities and have clean lines with modern elements. They were seeking an affordable contractor who could accomplish the job before they started working.

  • Space

    65 square foot kitchen

  • Clients

    Young adult twin sisters

  • Goal

    Functional, personalized kitchen update

The Consultation Process

Online searching led twin sisters, Hannah and Eva, to our website. The girls wanted renovation specialists who were reputable, licensed and bonded, and within the Greater Los Angeles area. Bright Builders met each of their initial requirement’s, so they submitted a renovation request form.

Our scheduling manager arranged a callback time to discuss their kitchen remodel which worked with the twins' busy schedule. Hannah and Eva researched their kitchen remodel project and knew their budget, design style, and product choices when they first spoke with us.

Three days later, the twins met with four different contractors, all screened and approved by the Bright Builders team. Hannah and Eva quickly chose their contractor from the four they had met; the girls were confident they made the right decision.

Kitchen Remodeling Results

Hannah and Eva’s original kitchen had awkward, poor quality, cupboards that had fallen into disrepair with the previous homeowners. They felt that the cabinets didn't offer sufficient storage for their cooking habits. 

The twins opted to replace all cupboards, countertops, and appliances with cost-effective choices that reflected their style. They felt that energy-efficient appliances would be extremely important, as well as new LED lighting as well as lighting beneath their wall-mounted cabinets.


Their Bright Builders prescreened contractor installed modern, Swedish-inspired cupboards. The girls chose dark, cherry hardwood for the upper cabinets which they felt gave the condo a modern, sophisticated and high-end feel. Instead of installing pricey slab countertops, they opted for a composite material of recycled glass and stone. This material now spans across the whole kitchen, including the newly added breakfast bar.

They also opted for subway tile backsplash in a pale cream color, which contrasts with the darker wood of the surrounding cabinets. The vaguely reflective finish of the backsplash surface added a cheery element that the twins were especially pleased with.

Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

Hannah and Eva are genuinely happy with their kitchen remodel, and they credit their wonderful contractor for the success. "We were unsure of the renovation process, being first-time homeowners and all, but our contractor answered all of our questions and made sure we were comfortable with any work before proceeding.", stated Hannah. “We love our new kitchen and would definitely recommend Bright Builders to anyone looking for a way to filter through the noise.”

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!