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Kitchen Remodeling in Riverside

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Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

Reccomendations for Kitchen Remodeling in Riverside

Local Design Trends

Did you know that cities can develop their own architectural and design trends? Whether you want to stand out or fit in, the design choices made during your remodel may impact your property valuation. By tracking these trends, we enable our clients to make educated choices during their own renovations.

So, what's the hottest trend for kitchen remodeling in Riverside? This year, it’s all about updated appliances! Instead of stainless steel, homeowners can now find options in a broad range of colors and finishes. While stainless steel is easy to clean, it also makes your design feel dated. Forward-thinking designers opt for two-toned color schemes and pops of color! Rich, ruby reds and navy blues are particularly popular choices. In terms of function, Riverside locals favor steam ovens, French door wall ovens, and induction cooking tops. As a bonus, many of these appliances are also equipped with Wifi, and some can even be managed from your phone or computer!

We believe that it’s important to provide our users with locally relevant information and recommendations. As you plan your kitchen remodel, take a moment to browse our informational resources. By reviewing these materials, you’ll get tips straight from construction industry insiders as well as local vendors and supplier!

The Bright Builders Quick Start Guide

Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you’re planning to install soft-close cabinet doors or create an open concept floor plan, we’ll help you reimagine the heart of your household.

Planning a kitchen remodel in Riverside is a big undertaking. To show you we take projects like this just as seriously as you do, we’ve answered some of the most common kitchen remodeling questions to help you get off to the best possible start.

With any remodel, your final cost will be determined by several factors such as the materials you select and whether you choose to hire an architect or not.

Your location can also have an effect on the pricing of your project. For example, a kitchen remodel in Riverside might cost less than a kitchen remodel in Beverly Hills.

Furthermore, you’ll want to consider things like the size of your space, whether you’ll be replacing appliances, and if you’ll need to install new plumbing.

You can make some savings by avoiding expensive works such as installing custom-fit appliances or making structural changes to your property. In order to get an accurate quote, you’ll need to discuss the scope of work and your proposed changes with a licensed contractor.

The size of your kitchen plays an important role in pricing. The average kitchen remodel in Riverside will cost between $75 to $250 per square foot. Therefore, the bigger your kitchen is, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Of course, this is a broad range, and it’s important to remember that projects can fall toward either side. The specific cost will be influenced by the complexity of the changes required.

At Bright Builders, we’ve leveraged our expertise and professional connections to ensure that members of our community have access to the best prices. Simply submit your details through our website and we’ll match you with three individual contractors who will provide free quotes for your renovation project!

Once you’ve made the decision to remodel, the next step is choosing a design to suit your needs. This will mainly be determined on your current circumstances. For example, you may be retired and looking to open up your kitchen space now that the kids have left the family home.

Make a list of all the ways you use your kitchen, and the ways the function could be improved. This list will be a great starting point for the professionals who will assist you. Architects, designers and contractors will all work hard to help shape your vision and bring it to life.

When you’re considering a kitchen remodel in Riverside one of the biggest worries can be the length of the project.

Although Riverside enjoys a relatively stable climate year round, most folks book in their work to take place during the warmer summer months. For that reason, it can be more difficult to book your preferred contractor between May and August. We advise homeowners to book construction professionals at least one or two months in advance.

Once they start you can expect them to take five to eight weeks to complete the project. Every project is different and some will undoubtedly take longer if they are complicated.

Your chosen contractor will provide you with a detailed project timeline before you commit to a service provider. A quicker contractor does not always equate to a better contractor! Make sure to do your background research before committing.

Case Study: The Pearce Family

At Bright Builders, our clients' satisfaction is our prime focus. In this case study, we look at a recent kitchen remodel completed in Riverside, CA. It demonstrates how the Bright Builders thorough contractor screening process leads to results that the homeowners love. Clients, Michelle and Joe Pearce, adore their new kitchen and couldn't wait to show off their personalized design choices. 

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We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel in Riverside! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

The Building Blocks of a Kitchen Remodel in Riverside

Your kitchen is the heart of your household, so remodeling can be a big undertaking! As you develop your vision, try separating design elements into small, individual categories. This will help you create an accurate cost breakdown for materials and labor. We've included some basic categories below!



Windows are a critical design feature, but they are often overlooked as homeowners plan their remodel. Natural sunlight provides a range of benefits, such as making your kitchen feel larger and boosting your mood. Popular choices include window seats, serve-through windows, and floor-length windows. Our prescreened contractors will help determine window placement that suits the design of your Beverly Hills kitchen remodel.



From concrete to carpeting to reclaimed hardwood, there are dozens of flooring options for your kitchen. Every flooring material has different advantages and disadvantages. As you select the material that suits your lifestyle, you’ll want to consider factors such as durability, cost per square foot, and maintenance requirements over the lifespan of the flooring. For more information about this topic, check out our blog!



Function and fashion come together in the perfect kitchen cabinets! While planning your design, think carefully about elements of the cabinets such as color, finish, material and texture. You’ll also need to consider your lifestyle and your storage needs. On our blog, we’ve compiled useful informational resources that explain the benefits of various popular building materials.



Marble and granite countertops are extremely popular choices for kitchen remodeling in Beverly Hills. This durable, upscale material adds a touch of luxury and timelessness to any design. Depending on your cooking habits, you may also want to consider options such as quartz, granite or butcher block. Our prescreened contractors will help you choose the material that’s best for you!

Our Success Stories

"Bright Builders completely changed my impression of home improvement. I was hesitant at the beginning, but after just one consultation with their prescreened contractors, I felt much more at ease. I’ve never planned a kitchen remodel, but the contractors helped me maximize my budget and understand all my design options!"

"We planned our kitchen remodel through Bright Builders and we truly had an excellent experience! Unfortunately, we had to call and reschedule some consultations due to a family emergency, and our advisor was extremely accommodating and kind. We went with one of their prescreened contractors and he replaced our shower and bathroom flooring.

“My husband and I had a horrible experience with our last kitchen remodeling contractor and we were in a time crunch to find someone to finish the work that he had started. Bright Builders worked with our schedules to arrange consultations with reliable contractors. It was such a relief to know they had our back!”

"You don’t have to go into your remodel alone. At Bright Builders, our mission is to transform the renovation process by creating a supportive and collaborative platform for homeowners and service professionals. We believe that a shared understanding of each project leads to better relationships and exceptional results!"

- The Bright Builders Team

What is Bright Builders?

The truth is, homeowners are often at a disadvantage when it comes to planning and executing a remodeling project. From inaccurate quotes to flaky contractors, there are dozens of variables that must be managed. As construction industry insiders, we provide the knowledge and expertise you need to help you define your project goals and connect with the reliable, pre-screened contractors.

Bright Builders was founded with the goal of providing support, advice, and reliable information to homeowners throughout the remodeling process. 

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At Bright Builders, trust is the foundation of every remodeling project.  It only takes a few minutes to start connecting with trustworthy, local Riverside kitchen remodeling contractors.


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Bright Builders was founded with the goal of providing support, advice, and reliable information to homeowners throughout Southern California.  Through our website, you’ll have access to informational material and personalized recommendations in your local area. By analyzing information on thousands of past projects in Los Angeles, Glendale, San Diego and San Fernando - we make it easy for you to create your dream home!