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The Nguyen Family Kitchen Remodel

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

At Bright Builders, we strive to form the perfect partnerships between contractors and homeowners! That’s because we believe that great work happens when contractors and their clients are perfectly in sync. To show you what you can achieve, we’re sharing the story of a recent Pomona kitchen remodel! In this case study, you’ll meet the homeowners and learn more about their experience.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

After raising four children and sending their youngest off to college, John and Yen Nguyen wanted to finally create the kitchen of their dreams — a remodel they had been planning since their fourth child was born! With their family pressures reduced and the increase of space in their home, they were finally able to embark on their renovation journey.

Their main goal was to get rid of their old countertops, knock down some walls, and create a bright, vibrant, and open feel to their home that could extend into their living and dining areas. They were looking to turn their home into a place where they could finally entertain guests.

  • Space

    55 square foot kitchen

  • Clients

    Middle-aged couple

  • Goal

    Larger, modern and vibrant kitchen space

The Consultation Process

After we received a consultation request from the Ngyuen’s, we reached out that same day to set up their meetings with 3 local contractors. Though the Nguyen's had a very clear sense of what they wanted, they were a bit uncertain about the budget necessary to complete the renovation they desired.

The couple initially assumed their budget would be less than $25,000, but they discovered that a renovation of their size would cost more. One of the contractors we sent to them was able to offer a solution whereby they could accomplish most of what they wanted while compromising on some of the costlier elements of the remodel. The contractor they ended up hiring really worked with them, reducing the overall cost to a price they were comfortable with.

Kitchen Remodeling Results

The Nguyen family’s kitchen was originally small and dark, with outdated wooden cabinetry and white tile countertops. Their contractor was able to create a larger space by knocking down two of their walls and replaced the countertops with a clean, chic marble design.

The contractor also added a marble kitchen island in the center of the space, giving the couple more space to cook and entertain their guests!


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They replaced old taps with a new, sleek silver island sink, which gave the entire kitchen a modern and warm feel. Next, they replaced old lighting with new, minimalist chandeliers over their kitchen island. This extended their line of visibility and added to the modern look and feel of the space.

The Nguyen’s were delighted with their finished kitchen, and happy with the price and the new budget they had set.

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.