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The Johnson Family Kitchen Remodel

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

At Bright Builders, we strive to form the perfect partnerships between contractors and homeowners! That’s because we believe that great work happens when contractors and their clients are perfectly in sync. To show you what you can achieve, we’re sharing the story of a recent Santa Clarita kitchen remodel! In this case study, you’ll meet the homeowners and learn more about their experience.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

Ally and Dan, along with their three kids, work and live in Santa Clarita, California. They bought a five bedroom, 2400sq ft home that could accommodate their growing family and to host frequent visits from extended family.

After years of raising three energetic kids, plus two dogs, in their home, Ally and Dan’s beloved kitchen began to look tired. The kids were becoming more independent, so they decided it was the right time to give the kitchen an update. Maintaining the "central hub" feel of the kitchen was essential to Ally, but she also wanted updated storage options. Dan, the family baker and novice chef, wanted new, professional grade appliances, and increased counter space.

  • Space

    110 square foot kitchen

  • Clients

    Adult couple, two dogs and three children

  • Goal

    More prep space and storage with a customized look

The Consultation Process

Keeping up with five schedules is a juggling act; so Ally and Dan were quickly overwhelmed by the work of finding a reliable contractor. They wanted to find the right professional who would understand their vision, budget, and could accommodate their time-frame. Upon finding Bright Builders through word-of-mouth, the couple felt a welcome sense of direction for their kitchen remodel. Submitting a renovation request to Bright Builders led to a prompt reply that Ally and Dan felt was both professional and knowledgeable.

Ally and Dan discussed the details of their project with us. They were impressed that we could send contractors willing to meet them when their schedule allowed. In total, the couple met with five different contractors over three weekends. Each contractor had completed the Bright Builders screening process, and Ally and Dan agreed all were skilled professionals. At the end of the day, they felt a strong connection with the first contractor they met. After finalizing the contracts, the real work could begin!

Kitchen Remodeling Results

Keeping the kitchen as the family’s gathering area was the main focus for Ally and Dan’s kitchen remodel. The original L-shaped open style kitchen worked for the family, and so the layout remained the same. The most significant change was to replace the conventional, electric oven and range, with two ovens and a natural gas cooker, making meal-prep for their large family gatherings easier.

Dan, a hobby chef, could further his craft with the new professional grade gas range and appliances. White cabinets with traditional crown molding were installed with Ally’s customized storage options.


After construction, the kitchen still felt like a central hub - featuring an oversized island, topped with a durable white quartz countertop. The contractor also installed new electrical outlets to accommodate the constant charging needs of two professionals and three students. Additionally, new hardwood flooring expands the edges of the kitchen to the dining area, and a dusty rose and light grey colored backsplash refreshed the counter space.

Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

We followed up with Dan and Ally post-renovation and found the couple was delighted with their kitchen remodel experience. The couple would recommend Bright Builders services to homeowners looking to find the right contractor for a remodeling project. They loved the updated look, the customized storage choices, and Dan was enjoying his new kitchen appliances. So, too was Ally, "He cooks for the whole family almost every night. It's been wonderful."

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!