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The Martinez Family Kitchen Remodel

A Bright Builders Case Study

Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

At Bright Builders, we strive to form the perfect partnerships between contractors and homeowners! That’s because we believe that great work happens when contractors and their clients are perfectly in sync. To show you what you can achieve, we’re sharing the story of a recent Santa Monica kitchen remodel! In this case study, you’ll meet the homeowners and learn more about their experience.

- The Bright Builders Team

Meet the Family

After buying their first home in Santa Monica, California, Emily and Brad decided to update the outdated, 80’s-style kitchen. The kitchen felt heavy and dark with thick cabinets and chunky wood accents. The pioneer-like style of yesteryear didn’t reflect Emily and Brad’s modern, Southern California lifestyle.

The couple, both legal professionals with demanding careers, wanted their home to have a kitchen that was modern, fresh and inviting. A space they could entertain friends in, and, be cozy enough for just the two of them! The kitchen was small, so maximizing storage space while creating a sleek, clutter-free kitchen was essential to the couple. Finally, they wanted to improve the flow of the space and open it up from its current choppy, wooden layout.

  • Space

    97 square foot kitchen

  • Clients

    Middle-aged married couple

  • Goal

    Cozy, modern, and functional for entertaining

The Consultation Process

At Bright Builders, we save homeowners time and energy by introducing them to qualified and experienced local contractors. We reached out to Emily and Brad right after they completed a renovation scheduling request. Within two days the couple sat down with three of Bright Builder’s prescreened contractors. Each contractor had different ideas about how to address the couple’s needs. After the project was complete, Emily remarked: “I could tell that they were each very knowledgeable, but there was definitely one who we clicked with the best!” 

Brad and Emily felt they had a good connection with one of the contractors referred by Bright Builders and went ahead with choosing them for their project. They were especially pleased that by meeting with prescreened contractors, they were able to take out much of the guesswork of how to find and hire a reputable contractor.

Kitchen Remodeling Results

Brad and Emily worked with their contractor to develop a plan for building their dream kitchen. In the end, they decided they wanted a space that was modern, sleek, and open. The final project focused on achieving that goal by removing old cabinets and replacing them with tall, glossy white cabinets; which helped in maximizing storage space.

Next, they opted to remove the bulky section of cabinets blocking some space between the kitchen prep area and dining space. By installing a narrow, marble top island between the kitchen prep area and dining nook with pendant light fixtures above. Furthermore, they replaced their old linoleum floors with grey, hardwood-engineered flooring.


The couple chose to sacrifice counter space for more storage space. They made the decision, both for aesthetics and practicality. They chose to replace the old, honey-colored melamine counter with a sleek, gray marble countertop. The backsplash, limited now to a smaller section under the kitchen window and to the right of a deep, single basin sink, was textured, white, subway-sized tiles. The changes in texture of the almost all white kitchen added some depth and whimsy to the almost stern, modern cabinets. The dining area was revived by extending the new flooring installed in the kitchen to the dining nook, and a new light fixture was added.

Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!

After the remodel, we scheduled a follow-up call to Brad and Emily. The couple told us they'd gotten their dream kitchen! Since the completion of their kitchen-remodel, they felt more at home now than ever before. They've enjoyed entertaining friends in the bright, open, and modern space. What was previously a cluttered cave-like kitchen is now a fresh, breezy space the couple loves to be in.

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.


Ready to get started?

We'll help you start your very own kitchen remodel! With the help of our Bright Builders prescreened contractors, there's no limit to what you can achieve!