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Patio Enclosures in Los Angeles

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Reccomendations for Patio Enclosures in Los Angeles

Local Design Trends

Did you know that cities can develop their own architectural and design trends? Whether you want to stand out or fit in, the design choices made during your remodel may impact your property valuation. By tracking these trends, we enable our clients to make educated choices during their own renovations.

So, what’s the hottest trend for patio enclosures in Los Angeles? Local homeowners are looking for luxury filled with modern comforts. This often means creating a design that blurs the divide between indoor and outdoor living. With sophisticated touches like automated roof panels, solar shades, built-in heaters, and retractable glass, the possibilities are endless for your patio enclosure! 

We believe that it’s important to provide our users with locally relevant information and recommendations. As you plan your addition, take a moment to browse our informational resources. By reviewing these materials, you’ll get tips straight from construction industry insiders as well as local vendors and supplier!

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Tips for Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures are cost-effective and energy efficient, reducing the heat lost through your windows by up to 80%. They can help to keep your home cool, cut back on AC expenses, stop sun damage, and keep out bugs, all without sacrificing your view! Of course, building patio enclosures in Los Angeles is a big undertaking, so we take it just as seriously as you do. To help you get started with confidence, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about patio enclosures.

The cost of adding a patio enclosure can vary widely. The location of the patio enclosure, the type of enclosure you've chosen (sunroom, solarium, etc.), the approximate size, and the insulation and electrical needs of your enclosure will influence the cost. The average price of adding patio enclosures in Los Angeles is between $8,432 to $23,297. While this average is a good starting point, it’s important to remember that projects fall on either side of this range. A simple patio enclosure may cost as little as $3,000, whereas an elaborate installation could cost as much as $39,000. It’s important to discuss your construction timeline with your contractor before signing your contract so that there are no surprises along the way.

The time spent installing a patio enclosure depends greatly on the type of patio enclosure and the contractor you select. Four season rooms take longer to install than three season rooms. Experienced contractors,  will have a large network of professional connections and can often tackle a patio enclosure in a week or two.  It’s a good idea to have a frank discussion with your contractor about your expectations for job completion.

Patio enclosures are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to increase the value of their home at a lower cost per square foot than you might expect for room additions. Furthermore, patio enclosures are extremely durable and low maintenance, which makes them a great choice for families that want to enjoy nature without being confined to fair weather days. 

Designing your patio enclosure can be quite exciting! Once you’ve made the decision to create an outdoor living space, the next step is choosing the type of patio enclosure that works best for you. We'll describe the different types of patio enclosures in the section below!

When you’re ready to gather quotes, take some time to prepare materials in advance. For example, you could make a list of all the ways that you want to use your patio enclosure, including any events you might like to host there. You could also create a wishlist of features that would improve the functionality of your home. Popular requests include masonry fireplaces, outdoor theaters, retractable roof systems, and incorporated water features. Your list will be a great starting point during your conversation with our prescreened patio enclosure contractors.

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The Possibilities for Patio Enclosures in Los Angeles

There are many different types of patio enclosures, each with their own advantages! As you develop your vision, you'll want to determine what kind of enclosure you want. This will help you create an accurate cost breakdown for materials and labor. We've included some basic categories below!



A screenroom is a great choice for people who want to keep out pests and small debris, while still enjoying a breeze and an unobstructed view. Aluminum screens are the most popular and budget friendly. They can endure even the roughest weather conditions and are resistant to sagging. Most patio enclosures in Los Angeles would be classified as screenrooms.


Three Season Room

Three season sunrooms are a great choice for California homes because they feature floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. Due to the mild climate, residents can typically enjoy a three-season sunroom all year round. Three season rooms increase the overall value of your home, provide additional square footage and can even add extra living space for a growing family.


Four Season Room

Four season sunrooms are typically found in colder climates. As the name suggests, they are designed to allow use during all seasons of the year. Typically, this requires the use of double-paned, insulated glass and thermal breaks throughout the structure. Four season rooms are more costly than their three-season counterpart because they need to be equipped for more varied weather.



Solariums are ideal for homes with a great deal of height and roof pitch. They typically use premium materials that are resistant to scratching, chipping and peeling. The thick, insulated glass of a solarium can also improve the performance of your heating and cooling systems. Finally, a solarium offers the most unobstructed view of your surroundings and acts as a place for stargazing.

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“Bright Builders helped us execute our patio enclosure project, and we'd recommend them to everyone! They set consultations with great contractors who worked with my husband and I while we tried to narrow our options. Everyone was extremely professional and knowledgable and we couldn’t be happier with our gorgeous new solarium!”

"We needed accurate and helpful information and Bright Builders was there for us! We learned that most patio enclosures in Los Angeles are screenrooms or three season rooms. That helped us save money in our budget when it was time to meet with contractors. We were very impressed with the prescreened contractors Bright Builders sent!"

“As a single parent, I couldn't have imagined handling my remodel alone! Bright Builders took some of the weight off my shoulders by sending prescreened contractors and managing the consultation scheduling. They also had some great design resources for patio enclosures on their website. I'm glad that I found them when I did!”

"You don’t have to go into your remodel alone. At Bright Builders, our mission is to transform the renovation process by creating a supportive and collaborative platform for homeowners and service professionals. We believe that a shared understanding of each project leads to better relationships and exceptional results!"

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The truth is, homeowners are often at a disadvantage when it comes to planning and executing a remodeling project. From inaccurate quotes to flaky contractors, there are dozens of variables that must be managed. As construction industry insiders, we provide the knowledge and expertise you need to help you define your project goals and connect with the reliable, pre-screened contractors.

Bright Builders was founded with the goal of providing support, advice, and reliable information to homeowners throughout the remodeling process.  Through our platform, you’ll have access to informational material and personalized recommendations in your local area. 

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